1. Prepare, Execute, Debrief, and Learn !


Free for you: focus and learn to maximize the enjoyment of your skydiving experiences (or anything which requires repetition).

PEDaL is NOT new—in fact, founder Ronnie Hughan first picked up PEDaL in the 1980's, from members of New Zealand's champion CRW team Silverdaze.   Ronnie was very enthused to "discover" it again in 2001.  This time Ronnie picked it up being taught in the an Arizona Airspeed tunnel camp!

There is a simple reason that PEDaL is an indisputable classic: it is an easy-to-remember method that helps you learn new things by breaking them down into smaller, more manageable units.

PEDaL consists of four distinct segments:

  • Prepare - Prepare yourself as completely as possible before leaving the aircraft. Preparation starts when you decide to make a skydive.
  • Execute - Execute your skydive to the best of your ability. Execution begins when you assume your exit position in the door of the aircraft.
  • Debrief - Understand what happened during the skydive you have just completed. Debrief begins when you land.
  • Learn - Learn from the skydive you have just completed. Learning begins directly after the debrief.

There is a distinct milestone between each segment of the PEDaL cycle. Focus only on each segment of the cycle while you are in that segment.

PEDaL's usefulness extends far beyond skydiving. If you can identify the "beats" of an activity, you can apply this methodology to anything you want to learn.

Download the PDF here