Execution is performance. Like an actor, the better you have "learned your lines" in the preparation phase, the better your performance will be. Execution encompasses everything you can do to execute your skydive to the best of your ability, and starts when you get into your exit position in the door of the aircraft.

Execution includes:

  • Steady Breathing, at the Door and in Freefall.
    Relax, breathe mindfully, and let your well-programmed "flight computer" work. A good memory trigger: take a purposeful breath in and out when you check your altitude.
  • Mindfulness.
    Keep careful track of your attitude. Maintain open during execution and facilitate the debriefing and learning stages. If preparation is paying off and you are doing well, smile!  We are here, after all, to have fun and enjoy the process.
  • Traffic Awareness.
    Look around for other traffic in your vicinity, both in freefall and under canopy—and remember that other parachutists, planes, and birds may not be reciprocally aware of you. Keep track of each one until landing.
  • Landing Identification.
    Find the landing area. If you can't identify it from memory, look for other parachutes below you and follow them. If you can't find it, remember your training when landing off the DZ. Maintain traffic awareness at all times.
  • Pattern Execution.
    Identify the landing pattern of other parachutists, and plan your landing pattern accordingly, even if it's not the one you anticipated. At 1000 feet AGL, you should already have your pattern planned to land into the wind.  Maintain traffic awareness at all times
  • Landing Priorities.
    Remember the order of your landing priorities and behave accordingly:
    1. Level canopy: both hands in your toggles are at the same height
    2. Avoid obstacles
    3. Flare symmetrically all the way down to arms stretch
    4. Into wind
  • Landing Area Awareness.
    As soon as you land, stand with your back to the wind and check for incoming skydivers yet to land. Gather up your canopy efficiently and move to the observation area.

The execution part of PEDaL finishes as soon as you land.