Debriefing is evaluation. It's everything you can do to understand what happened in the skydive you have just completed. It must be constructive and non-critical.

Debriefing includes:

  • Private Recollection
    Once you have moved out of the active landing area, "rewind the tapes" of your memory to the exit position of the aircraft door. In real time, recall as much as possible about what happened on your just-completed skydive. This process lets you move the new information, in detail, from the area of your memory known as sensory to the area of your memory known as short-term.
  • Group Review.
    Once you have arrived at the packing area and removed your gear, regroup with the other athletes on your skydive. Go over what happened. Ask these questions:
    • Did it go according to plan?
    • If not, why?
    • Is everyone's version of the skydive the same? Gain agreement on what happened.