Bruce Bollermann:  developer of our algorithm we use in SkydiVR to replicate your parachute flight in the winds conditions you choose.

B.S. Physics, Trinity College, 1949.  

M.S. Physics, Florida State University, 1951.  

M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Steven's Institute of Technology, 1954.

Grad Level Courses, Dynamics and Control Systems, Arizona State University, 1985-1990.

In no particular order, some of his career highlights are:

Integration of GPS with Flight Vehicles.  NASA hypersonic flight.  Rocket flight vehicles.  Dynamics, stability, and control.  Satellite dynamics and predictions.  SatCom launch vehicle dynamics.  Flight instrumentation and accuracy.  Inertial sensors.  ORBCOMM.  RF electronics, mechanics, control systems.  High-altitude atmospheric sensors analyses.  Navigation, guidance, autopilot control systems.  Fuzzy logic.  Kalman filtering.  Space Shuttle Orbiter payloads.  Pointing and tracking systems using GPS.  Mathematical coordinate transformations.  Constant level flight for communications relay.  Meteorological radiosonde.  Multistage rocket vehicles.  ICBM test flights.  Reentry vehicles.  Propulsion, Avionics